Mt.Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen 1day Bus trip!


Mt. Nokogiri Hiking & Onsen One-day Bus trip in Chiba
鋸山 (のこぎりやま)ハイキング&温泉バスツアー in 千葉県

飯田橋にあるCoto Language Academy 、日本語学校のイベントです。国際交流にご興味のある方、大歓迎です!学生は欧米系の大人の方が中心です。

Why don't you go hiking with us and enjoy the beautiful momiji season? Every year, in November and May, Coto Academy is to go hiking and discover the natural beauty of Japan.

This November, let's explore Chiba's Mount Nokogiri and enjoy its incredible view of the ocean. Did you know? Nokogiri is very famous for its unusual summit and blade shaped cliffs.

Let's hike together on Sunday and relax in hot springs afterwards.

-Date: Sunday, November 19th
-Time: 7:30-19:30
-Place: Mt. Nokogiri, Chiba prefecture
-Meeting place: 7:40am at Coto Academy 1F
-Fee: 6500yen (includes transportation and onsen entrance fee)
-Number of people: 42
- What to bring:
B.Y.O: Lunch, rain jacket, sunglasses, hiking shoes (jogging shoes are also okay), mats and trash bags (Trash can not be discarded and must be taken home) as well as towels for the onsen.

☆☆☆The day’s schedule 当日のスケジュール☆☆☆

7:30-7:40 am Meet at Coto Language Academy 1F

7:50 Depart from Coto Language Academy by Bus

09:00-09:15 break time (for toilets) at Umihotaru SA

10:10 Arrive at Hamakanaya

Begin the hike from the trailhead!!
    ↓ 2H-2H30M
Reach the top of Mt. Nokogiri
Lunch time (about 30min)
↓ ↓ 1H
Hike down!

13:30 Arrive at in front of Big Buddha

14:00 Depart from Nokogiriyama Daibutsu Shita parking (by bus)

14:40 Arrive at “Kimitsu no yu” Onsen
Take a bath and relax.
If you don't want to take a bath, you can just relax at the lounge.
There is a small restaurant and a shop. you can buy food and drinks after taking a bath!

16:30 Depart from the Onsen (by bus, there will be Karaoke!!), and go back to Iidabashi

19:00-19:30 Arrive at Coto

Sun Nov 19, 2017
7:30 AM - 7:30 PM JST
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Venue Address
Coto Language Academy 1F, Iidabashi Building 4-9-4, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
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